IrrigationPhoto-medAkel Engineering Group offers full comprehensive master planning services for large irrigation delivery systems.  We have planned, and effectively optimized for both delivery and cost, one of the largest irrigation systems in the world.  Our customized approach and specialized modeling efforts allow us to model low pressure irrigation systems and gravity fed irrigation systems that present a unique challenge for planning and evaluation.  We have effectively partnered with specialty firms to evaluate delivery and surge analysis within irrigation systems as well.

Our services for irrigation water planning include:

  • Integrated Master Planning
  • Hydraulic Model Development
  • Hydraulic Model Analysis and Evaluation
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Pumping and Storage Capacity Analysis
  • Transmission Main Capacity Analysis
  • Fully Integrated Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data
  • Construction Phasing and Triggers
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Risk and Condition Assessment

Representative Projects