Representative Projects: Irrigation

Coachella Valley Water District

  • irrigation-proUpdate water system planning and design criteria.
  • Develop a hydraulic model in Innovyze‚Äôs InfoSWMM based on the most current CAD data and historical construction drawings.
  • Allocate irrigation demands based on billing records and updated CAD delivery points.
  • Project future demands based on groundwater use data and crop records.
  • Evaluate the capacity of the irrigation facilities to service existing users.
  • Recommend improvements that account for additional deliveries for groundwater users in the existing service area and future expansion areas.
  • Evaluate storage equalization for each developed alternative.
  • Develop alternatives for servicing future users and reducing pumping costs.
  • Develop financial viability cost analysis for servicing future users, and reducing pumping costs.
  • Develop a Capital Improvement Program.
  • Collaborated to develop Assessment District cost alternatives.